Some detailed knowledge about zippers

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      01 Understanding zippers

          You can read down first, and look back when you encounter some nouns that you don't Know where they are



  1.  02 Classification of zippers
  2.  2.1 Classification by material:
  3. Nylon zipper, resin (rubber tooth) zipper, metal zipper.
  4. It is worth noting that several types have their own advantages, but when installing zippers with sewing machines, resin zippers and metal zippers need to  be  manually stitched through the machine, otherwise the needle will be broken, and nylon zippers can be directly turned through. The resin zipper and the metal zipper have both the front and the back, and the nylon zipper has both the front and the back.


        ▼How to distinguish the material of metal zipper


            2.2 Classification by specification:

            Zippers are 2 #, 3 #, 4 #, 5 #, 7 #, 8 #, 9 #, 10 #, 20 # 30#

           The size of the model is in direct proportion to the size of the zipper teeth. The No. 3 and No. 5 zippers are widely used.



             ▲ The above are the distinguishing methods of common zipper specifications



      ▲ The above are the distinguishing methods of common zipper specifications

  1. 2.3 Classification by structure:
  2.  Closed (open) zipper, open (open) zipper, double zipper, etc.
  3. Closed tail (mouth) zipper: the back size is fixed and can only be pulled from the front size end. When the zipper is fully open, the two chain belts cannot be separated by  the back code connection. Suitable for ordinary bags.
  4. Open end (mouth) zipper: there is no back code at the lower end of the tooth chain. When the locking part is locked, it is equivalent to a closed zipper. Pull the pull head  against the locking part to separate the locking part, and the chain belt can be separated. It is suitable for clothes or articles that often need to be pulled apart.
  5. Split left and right insertion: the so-called left and right insertion refers to the insertion of the pin with the left hand or the right hand. The corresponding zipper head is the opposite of the pin. In European and American countries, there will be a large number of left-handed people because of eating with knives and forks Therefore,
  6.  left insertion is the standard in Europe and the United States, while right insertion is the standard in Asia.
  7. Double-opening zipper: It has two pullers, which can be opened or closed from either end. Pull the two pullers close to the lock to separate them, and then they can be fully opened. Suitable for large bags, bedding, tents, etc.



               ▲ Self-locking pull head and non-locking pull head


          ▲ Invisible zipper: In fact, it is the reverse of nylon zipper. The zipper head is different from ordinary nylon zipper


          ▲ Waterproof zipper: similar to invisible zipper, the back material is coated with glue to achieve waterproof effect



             ▲ Double-sided zipper: commonly used for front and back clothing, tents, etc

              03 Installation method of zipper head

              Take the metal zipper as an example, the installation methods of several zippers are basically the same



            ▲ Metal zipper with stop code needs to be removed before installing the zipper head

            ▼ The installation method of resin zipper belt stop code is as follows


                 ▼Nylon zippers need to pay attention to the front and back of the zipper head


            04 Types of zipper head (piece)

            Common metal, plastic, leather, rope pulling head, various plastic dripping, etc




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