difference between rope buckle and bell

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Rope buckles and pendants are specialized terms for clothing accessories. Sometimes we may not know their names and functions. So, what is the difference between them? How can we use them correctly? In this article, we will briefly introduce their definitions, applications and differences.

Rope buckle (of course, the name in the customer account is "a hundred flowers bloom", such as buckle, rope buckle, spring buckle, elastic buckle, etc.), but in the final analysis, it is a small tool used to tighten the rope without knots. Generally speaking, a rope buckle consists of three parts: spring, column core and shell. The secret of the convenient use of the rope buckle is the spring. When you squeeze the rope buckle together and insist on ensuring that all holes are aligned, the tension is released, so that the rope buckle can move freely on the rope. Then, when you release your hand, because of the effect of the spring, the rope is firmly bitten by the rope buckle, you can lock it at any place you want to fix it.

There are two kinds of common rope buckles - zinc alloy and plastic. It has different shapes, sizes and colors for different purposes. For example, sweatshirts, slacks, hooded jackets, or storage bags to close and open quickly and easily. Therefore, you don't need to make a complex knot to close the opening.

The bell is also known as the hanging grain, rope tail and cap bell. It is a small sheath that covers the end of the rope or pull rope to protect the fiber from spreading. The difference from the rope buckle is that it is a narrow bucket without any other accessories, so it can easily pass through the rope.

The bell is usually made of zinc alloy or plastic. They were originally used for clothing and sporting goods to protect the ends of the rope. However, today, they are also seen as decorations on clothing, highlighting the details of clothing. Surprisingly, they can be designed into almost any shape you like, such as bell, cylinder, spiral, cube, etc. In addition, it can also be sprayed, printed, carved, dyed or plated according to 

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